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Buddhist Crafts provide all kinds of Buddhist ritual items and objects. All these Buddhist ritual items are hand crafted we have been crafting these Buddhist ritual objects since 1950. Buddhist Art and Ritual in Nepal and Tibet conveys the way art functions in a traditional Tantric Buddhist altar. All our objects are used in religious rites and related to Tibetan implements and objects. We are specialized in making all kinds of copper, silver, wood, cloth and Gold Buddhist Ritual Items.

We offer all kinds of Tibetan Buddhist ritual items ranging from all handcrafted objects like Butter Lamps, Kapalas, Bhumpas Mandala sets Ghanta, Dorje, Offering Bowls, Tings Incense Burnesr, Incense Holders, Khadga, Chhegumba, Mandalas, Gong, Mala, Phurba, Prayer Flag, Prayer Wheel, Ritual Conch Shell, Lama Cap, Ringa, Torma, Torcha, Tingchha, Dhakya, Sherkim, Ghau – Prayer Box, Trumpet Sets, Khatvanga, Damaru, Prayer Flag Printing Block, Singing Bowls, Rice Bowls Torma, Torcha / Jambhala Water Offering Set, Tingchha, Dhakya, Sherkim, Buddhist Trumpet Set, Nheshi, Phuruwa, Thangkas, Bodhisattvas Statues, Buddha Statues, Ghau Pendants, Stupas, Ritual Caps etc.

We also have a large variety of best quality Buddhist and Hindu ritual items like-Mala is a rosary used by the Tibetan Buddhist monks during meditation sessions or as a part of worshipping of various deities.

Featured Products
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26.25 x 20.25 Green Tara Thangka
The Goddess Green Tara is a gentle female embodiment of universal compassion. Green Tara is the embodiment of the activity of all Buddha.
Price: US$ 599.00
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30 x 22.75 Jambhala Thangka Painting
Jambhala; the Buddhist God of wealth is seated on a white snow lion. The snow lion is the presiding deity of Tibet's snowy mountain ranges.
Price: US$ 599.00
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11.25" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
Beautifully hand carved oxidized with gold gilded Shakyamuni Buddha Statue.
Price: US$ 785.00
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6 Silver Dhakya
Beautiful pure silver Dhakya
Price: US$ 1100.00
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7.75" Phurwa with Stand
Beautiful carved Iron Phurwa with Stand.
Price: US$ 35.00
Our Buddhist Ritual Objects
Butter Lamp: The light from the flame of the Butter Lamp symbolizes the wisdom of the awakened mind, dispelling the darkness of delusion and mental obscurations.
Kapala: Kapala is cup made of a human skull, frequently offered by worshipers to the fierce Tantric deities of Buddhist and Hindu.
Bhumpa: The Ritual Vase is the type that is used in many Buddhist rituals. The vase has a spout for pouring consecrated water for purification during various stages of the ritual.
Ghanta and Dorje: are the principle ritual objects of Tantric Buddhism. As with all objects connected with Tibetan Buddhism, they are highly symbolic.
Ting: A set of seven offering bowls may be placed on one's shrine and filled with water daily as a way of accumulating virtue and merit. This is also effective means of cultivating generosity, as water can be given freely without clinging.
Mala: Buddhist prayer mala or beads is use for counting scared mantra (prayers). The main perspective of Buddhist prayer mala beads is to drive away evil and fill you and all beings with peace and bliss.
New Arrivals
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45" x 32.75" White Tara Gold Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Scroll Painting
45" x 32.75" White Tara Thangka Painting...
Price: US$ 1175.00
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